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Help With Costs

The Voyage of Discovery Fund

With just a few exceptions, all of the youth organisations that sail with us have restricted finances with regards to non-statutory activities. That’s where we can help – our Voyage of Discovery Fund scheme is operated specifically to subsidise the cost of the activity for groups, in particular ,those working with the disadvantaged ie.

 Special Needs Schools  Mainstream Low Achievers
 Homeless / Supported Living  NEETS
 Behaviour Units  Young Carers
Refugees Low Income


Obviously, our own funds are limited and we expect groups to contribute as much as they can but the amount will depend on the type of organisation, internal budgets, funds raising bids, group fund raising events and the ability of the young people to make personal contributions or take part in sponsored activities. We recommend that young people, whatever their circumstances, are encouraged to make some contribution as it gives them both ownership and commitment.

We can also offer advice on alternative funding sources and provide help with your funding applications.

 The Voyage of Discovery Fund is designed to support youth leaders and make their life easy so initially a verbal decision on what funding will available can be given at the time of booking. This will be followed by a simple application form in which we ask for verification of the group’s needs – this information is important to us as it is fed back to the donors of our scheme. It is a condition of our Voyage of Discovery Fund however, that all benefiting groups must submit a thank you letter/report after their voyage. This need only be short but many of our groups are only too pleased to put together packages including DVDs, young people’s letters, poems,log book entries and photographs.

We really can offer support to make a voyage affordable – contact us on 01621 776684 or email info@cirdantrust.org