Faramir working as a team to stow the sails


One of our main advantages as a sailing trust is the range of our fleet which allows us to cater for all kinds of groups and charters.

Queen Galadriel under full sail Duet under sail racing Faramir Under Sail

Queen Galadriel

32m Baltic Trader capable of groups up to 16 in number.

Ideal for large groups looking for a vessel with more stability on the water, plenty of space below deck and home a few home comforts in the galley.  Whilst suitable for all groups, QG tends to be the vessel of choice for groups that include young people with mobility and coordination restrictions, higher levels of special needs or those looking for a slower pace for their residential.


22m (inc spars) Classic gaff yawl built in 1912. Capable of groups up to 7 in number.

Ideal for small groups that are ready for a challenge.  At over 100 years old with many of the original features, Duet is ‘cosy’ down bbelow butshe is low in the water moves quickly to give a true sailing experience.  Less suitable for the special needs groups, Duet has had some great successes with small behaviour units and rehabilitation groups but is also perfect for the Duke of Edinburgh students and individuals looking for adventure.


22m Bermudan ketch capable of groups up to 15 in number.

Ideal for groups with mixed abilities.  A more modern vessel built specifically as a sail training vessel, Faramir can take a large group but can also be sailed with a small crew on board as her sails and gear are less reliant on mmanpower  With her sturdy build, Faramir can provide a basic sailing residential for groups with less confident youngsters but for those wanting more excitement she can sail fast and cover long distances.