Welcome aboard Beavers

Having heard about the scout’s evening aboard Queen Galadriel, the 1st Fambridge Beavers were determined not to be left out.  Fifteen excited young beavers came aboard on Friday to get a taste of life on the high seas.  Accompanied by adults, they roamed the deck trying to work out which was the back and front of the boat, were amazed by the size of the ropes and chains and inevitably found the ship’s bell.  

Trying out the bunks, especially the top ones, was next on the agenda, and a peep at the engine before settling down to some refreshments so that Bosun Charlie could tell them a bit about QG and life on board.

Whilst a lot younger than our usual age group, it was a lot of fun and we were pleased to welcome them aboard.  Maybe we will see them back for a voyage in the future. bewavers with bell