Valise Noire perform aboard Queen Galadriel in Poole this May

Colour QG BekenWe are excited to announce that Queen Galadriel will be staging the Valise Noir Storytelling Theatre Company’s performance of ‘CARGO’ at the Poole Boat show later this month.

Valise Noire is a storytelling theatre company that creates, tells and interprets stories through oral and visual forms. Formed in 2011 Valise Noire was born from a collaboration by Michele O’Brien and Hazel Evans to explore the ways in which stories are collected and communicated, exploring cultural and heritage topics. Working with communities, the public and schools, outcomes of projects are workshops, exhibitions and performances.

As part of the Poole Maritime Festival (celebrating European Maritime Day) CARGO will deliver key information at a crucial time where the Great Quay of Poole is being celebrated. It will be able to reach large audiences through major art/heritage performances. This is a one-off opportunity to deliver a wonderful learning, sharing and celebratory experience for thousands of people who may not otherwise have opportunities to learn about Poole’s local and global heritage.

The performances will be held aboard our vessel Queen Galadriel at Poole Maritime Festival on the evenings of 18th and 25th May 2017. Please see website for more details – or visit their Facebook page –