The Wettest Classroom on Earth Project

The Cirdan Sailing Trust are so excited to be working with the Wettest Classroom on Earth to bring eight weeks of sailing around the United Kingdom from Bristol on the 25th May with participating schools from around the country. See their brochure by clicking here.

During the eight week passage, the young crew of Queen Galadriel will be participating in every aspect of sailing and living on board the 109-foot wooden sailing vessel.

We will also be running some exploration of the sea life in the UK waters by trawling small floats behind the vessel and the groups will be recording their findings. We hope that they will not find to much plastic in our seas, however they will record everything they find and we will report the findings at the end of voyage.

We will be keeping our social media up to date as Queen Galadriel sails around the UK counterclockwise. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and give us a like on our facebook page.