Team work makes the dream work!

Team work is crucial on all our voyages, and starts from the moment a group first steps onto our vessels. They become part of the crew immediately.

From our DofE groups deciding on their food shopping and meal planning, to people working as a team to row the tender or hoist sales, communication and working together is key to make the voyages run smoothly.

Onboard a recent voyage on Queen Galadriel in June, when asked what did they learn from the experience, one child said: ‘The importance of working together and being a team’. Another said: ‘I learnt teamwork, new skills and responsibility for various jobs.’

Our voyages teach young people many life skills, which they take away with them and apply to everyday life, whether it’s practical skills like cooking, cleaning and navigating, to communication, or respect and understanding for others.

Learning how to row Queen Galadriel’s tender requires you to not only focus on what you’re doing but working with your partner on the other side!