Steering instruction on Queen Galadriel


The safety of everyone on board is of paramount importance to The Trust and our obligations in this respect are taken very seriously.

It is a requirement of The Cirdan Sailing Trust’s Safety Policy for every voyage to start with a safety brief. There are specific points that must be covered during these briefing sessions and the crew need to satisfy themselves that all members of the charter party understand these points. These include; smoking, fire alarms/drills, man overboard and most importantly the wearing and use of life saving equipment.      

The Skipper and his/her crew are responsible for the safety of the vessel and everyone on board. If this safety is jeopardised in any way through inappropriate or irresponsible behaviour the Skipper may have to make the decision to return to port. This can be prevented by paying attention during the briefing session and cooperation with safety rules and instruction once under sail.