Review Test

'Getting the team to learn to work together was a highlight of the voyage. The young people have worked hard and improved. But they took time to actually realise their opportunity.' 

'It was a great experience and perfect environment to learn new skills and to learn how to work as a team.'

'I liked the fact that we could be independent and get on with challenges and be allowed to make choices that we think are best.'

'I liked the fact that I didn't have to rely on technology to have fun.' 

' The sailing residential gives the opportunity for young people to be out of their comfort zone, learn how to deal with being in a different/difficult environment, which will greatly improve their independence.'

'The boat is really safe and the skipper makes sure of it. Also its good for people that haven't done a lot of sailing. It gives them a chance to experience it and show the skills.'

'The sailing voyage provides a new and very different environment that is a great 'leveler' and allows people to take on new roles and permission to be different from the person they are at home.'

'The trust that the sea staff put in us to get it right was inspiring. Their expectations were always high which pushed us to push ourselves.'

'I liked the last two days that were spent working as a team, using the skills learned from the previous days. Everyone was happy and taking part, we worked really well as a team and everyone was doing a role that they were confident in.'

'I enjoyed seeing new parts of the country and seeing students develop socially and personally.'

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