Teamwork on Queen Galadriel to hoist the sails

Regulation Codes

Maritime and Coastguard Agency logoThe Cirdan Sailing Trust operates under regulations laid down by Department for Transport, Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) ‘The Safety of Small Commercial Sailing Vessels – Code of Practice’.  This code regulates the safety requirements for the vessels and crew of commercial operations.  The MCA enforce the code through close monitoring, inspections and investigations.

Under the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 1996, and in particular Regulation 2(1)(c) sailing vessels that are subject to the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 (or any regulation or code made hereunder) do not require an Adventure Activities Licence (AALA).


UK Sail Training Logo The Cirdan Sailing Trust is a prominent member of ASTO – all reputable sail training organisations should be ASTO members.

ASTO (Association of Sail Training Organisations) is the UK’s National Sail Training Organisation. It is an umbrella association that exists to support the major British offshore sail training schemes and promote the adventurous activity of sail training throughout the United Kingdom. ASTO is proactive in developing the safety standards within sail training and advises the government’s Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) in the production of codes of practice for sailing vessels. It also works closely with the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) helping to ensure that the standards of training aboard its vessels are first class. 


Royal Yachting Association LogoThe Cirdan Sailing Trust is recognised RYA Training Centre. Depending on the voyage, participants on board our vessels can gain RYA Start Yachting, Competent Crew or Watchleader certificates.

The RYA is the UK’s national association for all forms of recreational and competitive boating. It coordinates competition and/or development for all of the above at the local, national and international level and is recognised by the government as the negotiating body for these groups. The RYA’s training schemes for powered and sailing craft provide the de-facto qualifications for skippers, instructors and water sports professionals worldwide.

As an RYA Training establishment, The Cirdan Sailing Trust can offer training in the RYA Competent Crew and Start Yachting courses.