Regattas & Races

All of our vessels have entered regattas, races and other maritime events over the years and have come away with a range of trophies and prizes.  Duet in particular is known for her competitive spirit and welcomes any opportunity to take part in a race.old gaffers

ASTO Small Ships Races – these events are aimed specifically at young people aged between 12 & 25 years and generally take place in UK waters.  Funding is available from our Voyage of Discovery Fund to help groups cover costs.  Dates for this year’s events which include crew practise, events and prize giving ceremonies are:   

Dartmouth to Gosport – Saturday 20th to 25th August 2016 (Duet / Queen Galadriel)

Cowes Small Sips Race – Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd Duet crew and trophies x2October 2016 (Duet / Queen Galadriel)

STI Tall Ships Races – This annual event aimed at young people aged 16 to 25 years is organised by Sail Training International and attracts magnificent tall ships from around the world.  We can’t fit the races into this year’s schedule but would be pleased to talk to any group looking at participating in future races.

Round the Island Race, Cowes – Saturday 2nd July 2016.  This adult charter would ideally be a minimum of the weekend,  joining on Friday 1st July and departing on Sunday 3rd July.  (Duet)

Cowes Classic Week – Monday 11th to Friday 15th July.  (Duet)

Panerai Event, Solent  – Saturday 16th to Saturday 23 July 2016 (Duet)

Old Gaffers, Solent – Saturday 3rd to Sunday 4th September (Duet)

There are plenty more events scheduled around the coast and we would be pleased to discuss the possibility of entering a vessel if we can fit it into our schedule.  Contact us on 01621 776684 /