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The Cirdan Trust was founded in 1983 to serve young people in the southeast of England and the Faramir Trust in 1991 to do the same for those of the northeast.  In 2002, the two trusts were conjoined under the title The Cirdan Sailing Trust.

‘Lord of the Rings’

Both Trusts were named after characters in Tolkien’s ‘Lord of The Rings’ – Cirdan the lesser known character is the shipwright in the trilogy. The Tolkien theme continues today with Queen ‘Galadriel’ and Faramir still part of the fleet and the present day Cirdan logo includes a design which represents the seven stars and the white tree of Gondor.

Our founder, the Rev Bill Broad

Both Trusts were founded by and endowed by the Rev Bill Broad who inherited a small fortune from his father, R L Broad, an outstandingly successful insurance tycoon at Lloyds of London.

Bill was convinced that sailing in groups was a sure way of encouraging the development and motivation of young people. Partly for his services to this cause, Bill was made a Canon of Durham Cathedral in 1994 and was awarded the Beacon Fellowship Prize for Family Philanthropy in 2006.

Bill says, “It is easy for the well-off and reasonably educated to choose their occupation and gain the good things in life. But for the unfortunate and disadvantaged this is often impossible. Sailing on well equipped and well managed historic vessels gives them a new vision in life.”

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