The Cirdan Sailing Trust is partly self-funding through the income received from charter fees. Groups that sail with The Trust are encouraged to cover a realistic portion of the charter fee through their own internal budgets, group fundraising, applications to funding sources such as Awards for All and the Community Foundation and individual contributions. Not only does this allow The Trust to operate its service, but it also gives the young people ownership of the voyage.

Voyage of Discovery Fund

A fundamental part of our work is to raise funds for our Voyage of Discovery Fund to ensure the opportunity we provide is available to all who wish to benefit. The scheme raises funds through a variety of sources including grant-making trusts, businesses and individuals which are then allocated out to client groups as a grant towards their voyage fee in such a way that individual donors can be linked to particular charters, groups or vessels. This enables us to provide the donor with feedback on the specific use of their money and allows them to monitor the effectiveness of their donation.

For the majority of the groups that sail with the Trust, it would not be possible for them to undertake a voyage without this financial help.

Vessel refit projects

In addition to raising funds for the Voyage of Discovery Fund Scheme, the Trust also raises funds to cover additional and unexpected costs relating to vessel maintenance. The traditional style vessels we operate, whilst ideal for our work, are costly to maintain the high standards required by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The yearly maintenance costs are budgeted into The Trust’s operation but occasionally we are faced with unexpected costs or require the very large sums involved in major refitting or replacement.


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See also details on our volunteers.


We do have a membership scheme for anyone who is interested in supporting our work. Membership is just £20 a year for which you will receive a Newsletter, updates on any major changes and details of any promotions or day sails.

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