From East to West

We are now well into the second half of the Wettest Classroom project with Queen Galadriel and her young trainees having travelled through the Caledonian Canal from Peterhead on the East Coast of Scotland to Oban on the West.  After meeting up with Faramir back in Hartlepool, the two vessels have shadowed each other, catching up at stops along the way,  lending each other a hand with ropes and borrowing the odd cup of sugar (actually an onion and a towel).

The smooth waters in the early part of the canal were a relief for the trainees after the choppy North Sea but the experience no less challenging with 29 locks to work along the 60 mile stretch, including the famous Neptune’s ladder.   With crews on both boats on the lookout as they sailed through Loch Ness, we were hoping for a sighting of Nessy but had no luck.

Queen Galadriel now moves on to the penultimate leg of the Wettest Classroom and will once again be joined by Faramir as they sail on to Holyhead.

Queen Galadriel in Peterhead