Faramir group on bow


"The whole experience was fantastic and the staff on board were excellent. Very encouraging and always had a smile on their faces."

"The residential offered the young people new life skills that could not be achieved in a regular classroom."

"I think this is an incredible opportunity and perfect environment for learning. All young people should have the opportunity to challenge themselves and learn new skills in this way."

"The crew made us feel so welcome and were so helpful, very professional, but were also able to have a laugh! They were also amazing with our young people and we can't thank them enough."

"I think the young people have grown throughout the voyage and learnt how the deal with situations out of their control."

"A great experience overall for all our students. I look forward to future voyages."

“This experience will increase the confidence of every child who takes part. They will each feel proud of their achievement and will develop teamwork and leadership skills by rolling up their sleeves and gaining hands-on experience in a challenging but unforgettable environment.”

' The sailing residential gives the opportunity for young people to be out of their comfort zone, learn how to deal with being in a different/difficult environment, which will greatly improve their independence.'

'The sailing voyage provides a new and very different environment that is a great 'leveler' and allows people to take on new roles and permission to be different from the person they are at home.'

'I enjoyed seeing new parts of the country and seeing students develop socially and personally.'

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'I learn't a lot of things from the sailing trip. The best bits were all of the sailing things and parts of the boat, etc. More importantly, I picked up a lot from the crew about being positive and getting along with other people'

'Thank you - absolutely brilliant. Really fab how everyone's skills were used and we were able to achieve different levels of knowledge.'

"The things I loved most about the experience were learning new skills and being able to find confidence in myself and knowing my knowledge can go further than what I think."

"What I learnt from the experience was taking on a leadership role and being able to work with other crew members, even when I'm frustrated."

"What I liked the most about the voyage was managing personal and shared responsibilities. Also having the chance to disconnect from everyday life."

"It was challenging at times, but it was really really fun."

"What I liked the most about the voyage was learning new skills and getting to know new people."

"What I liked the most about the voyage was being a team."

'Getting the team to learn to work together was a highlight of the voyage. The young people have worked hard and improved. But they took time to actually realise their opportunity.' 

"I liked that we all worked as a team and the help from the crew was amazing. I would come again if I have the opportunity."

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