Feedback from Recent Groups

Here are some quotes from a few of the young people and leaders that have sailed with us so far this year;
“Just back from Sailing on the Faramir Boat with Ed, Giles and Sam, best week ever! I have never laughed so much!! The Guys where amazing!” – Alexander, Felixstowe
“Absolutely enjoyable, once in a lifetime experience” “A few new members were not integrating too well with the group, but this experience seems to have brought them closer together.” – Diane, Lancashire
“It is hard work but if you all work as a team you can make it better, and life at sea is a big step forward.” – Thomas, Staffordshire
“I think a sailing residential is a suitable environment for youth work as it has a captive audience and makes them work together as a team.” – Paul, Suffolk
“This has had an affect on me and the learners whether it was personal, social or academic it has engaged our students in a way I feel we could not have done in school – Thank You!” – Annette, Staffordshire

If any youth leaders are looking to provide a positive activity to help their young people learn and develop, you should contact us as soon as possible to discuss availability whilst we still have some funding available.  Contact Michelle on 01621 776684 / for more information.