Cirdan sets sail on cultural voyage

After months of planning, weekend workshops and activities both in Folkestone and across the channel in Boulogne, 27 students have been selected from an original of 60 to take part in a week’s sailing voyage aboard Queen Galadriel and Faramir along with their four youth leaders.  The vessels will sail in company with the French and English students to encourage a linguistic and cultural exchange through this shared experience.

The vessels and their young trainees were given an amazing send off from Folkstone’s harbour arm by the general public, parents, friends and a range of civic dignitaries.  Even Captain Jack Sparrow (look alike) turned up for the occaCpt sparrow with cirdansion. Shepway and Boulogne Sur Mer councils worked together to get the voyage underway and host the enjoyable ‘seeing off’ event on Sunday, helped along by blazing sunshine and a sparkling blue sea.

After working as a team both above and below deck and visiting ports on both sides of the Channel, the students will end their voyage when they are welcomed to France at the spectacular Boulogne Sea Festival.Boats in Folkestone croppedsmall groupseated with Sam