Celebrating Have A Go Month!

September is Have A Go Month, and what better way for us to celebrate than sharing the achievements of young people we’ve had the pleasure of sailing with!

Cirdan focuses on helping young people aged between 12-25 years old who are disadvantaged or facing challenges in some way. The majority of people who come onboard have never sailed before, some have never even seen open water, so they literally have a go at trying something completely new!

“We grew in confidence, we believed in ourselves and in each other. We came so far in a week as people and as sailors. We became more resilient, and we finished the week with a ‘can do’ attitude.”
A high school onboard Queen Galadriel, June 2022

“Not only did it help me see a whole new world, but it had helped me strategize how I can deal with life in a whole other way as well without it being too much for me to deal with, and that sometimes asking for help and trusting people doesn’t always have to be scary.”
Young person onboard Queen Galadriel, June 2022

“Watching a group of young people come together to work as a team who, other than a few, had never met before was truly amazing.” ­
A young carers organisation onboard Faramir, June 2022

“My voyage on board Duet was absolutely brilliant and I will remember it for the rest of my life. It was challenging enough to get me out of my comfort zone, being in a constantly challenging environment allows you to increase confidence in what you are doing and trust in what your team are doing around you.”
Duke of Edinburgh participant onboard Duet, April 2022

Come and have a go! To find out more about a voyage and to discuss opportunities, please call T: 01621 776684 or E: lyndsey@cirdantrust.org