Adventure Therapy

With the final voyage for The Wettest Classroom project completed, Queen Galadriel is making her way back to Poole with different but no less worthy groups of young people.  Faramir however, is staying on the West Coast for another three weeks to provide Adventure Therapy for 3 groups of young people with mental health issues.  The project aims to address the situational factors which keep young people stuck in their lives by providing a radically different environment in which it’s possible to develop confidence, learn new skills, engage in physical activity and adopt a fresh perspective on their life ashore.

The voyage, a joint project by mental health charities and support groups across Wales, have selected young people who have all had early experiences of psychosis.  They are being supported by NHS Early Intervention Services who will be able to address any issues if they arise and will continue to work with the young people after the voyage to consolidate the benefits of the experience.